Parking in a city will not ever be as easy as suburbia – but it doesn’t need to be so difficult, so confusing and so unwelcoming for guests to our city. These changes will improve the quality of life for residents and make Hoboken a much more welcoming town for out of town visitors including resident’s friends and family.

Simplify Parking Rules: No more resident side parking – instead non-residents pay at the meter. Set the rate to whatever is required to keep parking manageable for residents.

Garage Parking Pricing Standards: All city garages shall have the same hourly and daily pricing. All public garages that adhere to this pricing shall be added to the city wayfinding program. Start a campaign to the region about how reasonably priced and available parking is in Hoboken garages to encourage non-residents to come into town and to use the garages when they do.

Parking Garage Wayfinding: It should be impossible to drive more than three blocks without wayfinding signage guiding cars to the nearest parking garage with standard city pricing.

Permits By The Foot: Longer vehicles shall pay more for a permit. Shorter vehicles shall pay less for a permit. This shall apply to daily, monthly, annual, resident, temporary and business permits.

Long Term Garage Parking: For those residents who use their car infrequently or who will be away for a month or longer, offer valet garage parking in a special section of each city parking garage or city parking lot for just $49 + $10 per car retrieval. So a once a week user of a car pays just $89 per month – and someone who will be away can store their car for just $49 for an entire month. This section of garage parking will be ‘valet’ – and the cars will be packed in just like they do across the river (9 to 11 cars, depending on size of car and skill of valet can fit in what would have only fit 6 cars previously).