Campaigns cost money – and while I’m mostly self funded, small donations would really help the campaign.

From now until a possible runoff – I’m choosing to only accept donations as follows:

  1. You must be a resident of Hoboken OR a business owner in Hoboken.
  2. You can donate as little as $5 up to a maximum of $100 for the general election.
  3. If there is a runoff and I make the runoff – I would accept up to another $100.

For “In Kind” donations – I’m not going to go crazy and worry about a value a bit over $100 – so if you are a business owner donating food or a home owner with a yard hosting a party – I’m not going to worry too much. Large cash donations seem a whole lot more unsavory to me than a constituent hosting an event that might exceed my self imposed $100 limit.

Just FYI – the legal limit is $2600 per person which in my opinion is ridiculously high. Team Bhalla actually has that as an option.