And away we go…

I’ve picked up petitions with the intention of running for the sixth ward city council position.

Jen Giattino is the incumbent. I think she is likely to run and if she runs I’ll be the underdog: but I think it’ll be a good election and a positive outcome either way.

I do not have a problem with Jen and in fact I believe she is one of the better council people we have, but she’s been on the city council for twelve years and while she’s fought a good fight and represented constituents well: nobody can do this forever and I’m afraid that if she’s a council person for the next four years she’ll be less effective.

I also believe that I’ll fight harder. So pretty much with both of us running there are three possibilities: Jen wins (good outcome), I win (great outcome), someone else wins (who knows, but high likelihood of a poor outcome).

Jen knows I am running. She was the first person I called outside of my immediate team. She told me she intends to run and we wished each other well. She has not official announced (neither have I as of this writing) – but it’s EXTREMELY early. If you found this webpage, you might be on my team or maybe you are an opponent or nosy…

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