Why do tenants pay realtor fees in Hoboken?

I’ve been asked many questions about “cost of living” in Hoboken along with housing costs and increasing rents. I’ve also been asked about Rent Control – and I have some issues with it in it’s present form: mostly because it is too complicated and in it’s present form hurts both landlords and tenants.

But one thing that nobody has mentioned is this phenomenon in Hoboken where realtor fees are commonly covered by tenants even when the realtor is hired by the landlord. I look at a landlord hiring a realtor as that landlords business decision and I don’t understand how any business can ask a customer to pay for it’s marketing costs. Further: placing the entire burden of realtor fees on the tenant means that there is an incentive for a landlord to look for a new tenant annually: It’s easier to raise rents on a new tenant than an existing tenant AND with no realtor fees to pay: it is very inexpensive for a landlord to replace a tenant.

This is something unique to the NYC area and two years ago, a ban was attempted in NY (see: https://gothamist.com/news/brokers-fees-are-officially-un-banned-now). Ultimately – this might be something that has to be changed at the NJ State level, but I don’t think brokers hired by landlords should have any right to charge tenants. Realtors hired by tenants should charge the tenants and realtors hired by landlords should charge the landlord.


Dave Brenn Balloons is doing an amazing Halloween themed show at my place of business. You can buy tickets at www.hobokenpopup.com. Everyone is welcome and the event is COVID safe! Take a break from the campaign trail and see something really cool.

Election Day Morning Help

I’ve acquired 5000 stickers that say simply “I Voted”. I’m looking for help in distributing these stickers to all Hoboken polling locations on election day morning – first thing. I’ve reached out to some other campaigns to see if we can make it a collaborative effort (with 36 polling locations, I could use the help) – but so far, no response! If this is something you can do – please reach out!

Our mailer has arrived!

Keep an eye on your mailbox: Cindy Wiegand (13H) and I (3H) split the cost of a mailer.

This mailer should have gone out to every important constituent in Hoboken.

If you received our mailer: know that Cindy and I will be working hard for you and that any concern you have can be sent to us and we’ll respond quickly (email is preferred, but I’m also quick to respond to social media inquiries). You can also text me at 201-725-7434. I don’t answer the phone (I’m never in a location where I can).

Our mailer is also designed as a Window Sign. The signs are best hung in a Window as close to street level as possible – but wherever you hang our sign: we appreciate it. I’d love it if you took a picture of your sign hanging in your window and posted it to your social media. You can also email it to me at ian@ianforhoboken.com.

I’d love to meet as many of you for coffee or if you’d like to play a quick game of pool you can meet me at Play! Hoboken – if you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask!

Thanks again for your support – I’ll continue to campaign hard and I will work hard for you once elected.

New Videos, Updates

I’ve added a couple videos. I’m amazed at how I’ve roughly treated videos equally – but some videos have had thousands of views and some hardly any views. It’s pretty amazing to see that one video will surpass 10,000 views in the near future (definitely before election day).

Printed materials are completed and will start being distributed in a few days. Cindy and I will be doing some campaigning together. Anyone who wants to meet me for coffee and chat about anything Hoboken related should reach out.

What does this sign mean?

Sign on 10th between Washington & Hudson Street

What does this sign mean?  I know what the word ONLY means.  And I also think I know what “ALL OTHERS” mean – but how can it be both at the same time?  It can’t.  

This is unfriendly for visitors to our town.  If you own a business – don’t expect anyone to drive into town to patronize your business.  We have empty storefronts for lots of reasons – and this is a big one.

I intend to change this.  All street parking will be metered and every block will have one parking meter mid-block.  Permit holders will not be required to pay for meters within residential districts.  Everyone will be required to pay for meters in commercial districts.  Meter rates will be an amount appropriate to ensure that our parking spots are available for residents.  We will limit the parking time so that spots turn over in commercial districts and so that out of towners need a permit to park “all day” or overnight in residential districts.  A percentage of all parking fees will be put into a fund to build new parking structures around the perimeter of town and to eventually extend our HOP shuttle buses and bike share services to those perimeter parking structures.

Finally – owners of private lots who have extra spaces will be encouraged to join the city’s meter program at $2.00 per hour (24 hours a day, 7 days per week) – with the parking spot owner keeping 75% of the fees collected.  $2.00 per hour at 12 hours per day and 30 days per month is $720 for the space – leaving $540 monthly for the space holder if a spot is occupied 12 hours daily.

Children, especially older Hoboken children have limited options for recreation. This is a talking point from several candidates – but for me it’s not just an issue, it’s something I can help solve even before election day.

I’ve reached out to a number of stakeholders in Hoboken and I believe we are close to working together on a program that will bring new recreation and entertainment options to vaccinated Hoboken children.

While I was the last candidate to pick up petitions – I was the first to have a website focused on ideas and real issues: a true platform. Now, almost every candidate has their own website and platform (refreshing compared to previous City Council Elections) – but it’s easier for to follow my lead on talking points than it is to actually do something about those talking points. It’ll be much harder to follow my lead here and actual create recreation opportunities for our children. However: I welcome any candidate to try – it can only be good for Hoboken.

Board of Ed Campaign Launch

I just came from Church Square Park. Where I went to say hello to Ailene McGuirk, Malani Cademartori and Tom Kluepfel, three longtime Hoboken residents and Board of Ed members who are running for re-election. Their only opponent is Patricia Waiters. The four competing for three seats on the BOE.

Reaching out, connecting and discussing ideas is something I’m going to start doing immediately, even before being elected and seated on the City Council. I admit – I’ve heard some ideas that make sense and some concerns that will work their way into my extensive list of important issues I’m going to make part of my platform. I would like to chat with Patricia Waiters too – and I’m hopeful that I’ll have a chance this coming Wednesday.

I did have some time to discuss how school facilities might be made available to city residents when school is not in session – and was surprised that there is no real reluctance on the part of the board of education. And in some ways there are opportunities already available – but as a long time resident, aside from the track & sports field being made available during the pandemic: I’ve never heard this to be the case. It leads me to believe this was just a case of poor communication or poor publication – something I intend to do better in my future tenure as a councilperson.


Nearly every day I’m interviewed by someone or working on something. However – I’d like to start reaching out and talking to voters in small groups. If you have a small group of Hoboken residents that would be interested in having a chat – please contact me at ian@ianforhoboken.com. I’m mostly comfortable outside or at least in a large space with good airflow considering the pandemic. Just name the place and give me a few options for day/time and we can make it happen. I have more availability and I’m more awake early mornings.


And away we go! The court hearing meant that I was confirmed on the ballot 9 days later than I should have been – so I’m unfortunately a little over a week behind where I could have been. But a part of my strategy is creating short videos explaining positions I have and introducing myself. Ordinarily: I’d knock on doors to do this sort of thing – but I think with COVID-19- this will be better received.