It’s very important to vote this November 8th and whether you were against the referendum or for the referendum, the process of this recent attempt at a referendum must not be repeated. Send a message to our school board and elected officials that secret meetings with no transparency is unacceptable and vote 6-7-8. Send a message that you really care about all Hoboken students and vote 6-7-8.

Want to hang a window sign?  Meet the candidates?  Volunteer?  – Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch right away!

Elections are expensive and even small donations help. Kids First as a team will spend less and do more than the opponents. Please consider a small donation to help the cause. 6+7+8 = 21. Would you consider a $21 donation? A very small donation that will be put to very good use.  Or if you are feeling generous, any multiple of $21 (ie $42, $63) or a donation ending in $21 (ie $121) would be a tremendous help for the cause!