Open space is vital, but it seems to me that acquiring open space and improving parks is done poorly, very poorly or worse by the City of Hoboken. There must be a better way.

The Northwest Resilency Park is finally close to opening, but by the time it does open it’ll be over a year delayed. I haven’t even heard a reasonable explanation as to why there is such a long delay.

And now we’re planning to lease Union Dry Dock to NY Waterway, a privately held company, on a “temporary” basis. The thing is, the lease is so far under market that I can’t believe NY Waterway will ever move out. The lease they’ve been given would be like finding a nice, 2 bedroom apartment on the waterfront, in Hoboken for only $500 a month and after three years the rent goes up to $2000 a month. Would you ever leave? Beyond that, with one business (a ferry) having such low overhead, it’ll be nearly impossible for there to ever be a competing ferry operating which means that should the demand for ferry increase: we’ll never see any competition.