I’m the owner of Hoboken’s only entertainment facility. I do my best to work with the city (a challenge!) and various other businesses (usually much more receptive). My business is called Play! Hoboken and I invite anyone, especially other businesses, to reach out so we can collaborate.

Businesses are what make Hoboken what it is, a walkable, livable community where you don’t really have to leave to find anything you need. Without our businesses and small businesses specifically: I wouldn’t want to live in Hoboken, would you?

Business owners in Hoboken have numerous challenges, from inconsistent answers from City Hall to a city council who changes the rules. For example, while I’m totally in agreement that a cannabis dispensary should be further away from a school than where Blue Violets planned to open: this is something the city council should have put in the original ordinance. It’s unfair to change the distance required AFTER a business already secured space. And this is just one example of something our city has done that was unfriendly and unfair to a small business.

My email address is ian@ianforhoboken.com and you can also reach me at 201-479-2882. Or stop by Play Hoboken: I’m here every day..