Children, especially older Hoboken children have limited options for recreation. This is a talking point from several candidates – but for me it’s not just an issue, it’s something I can help solve even before election day.

I’ve reached out to a number of stakeholders in Hoboken and I believe we are close to working together on a program that will bring new recreation and entertainment options to vaccinated Hoboken children.

While I was the last candidate to pick up petitions – I was the first to have a website focused on ideas and real issues: a true platform. Now, almost every candidate has their own website and platform (refreshing compared to previous City Council Elections) – but it’s easier for to follow my lead on talking points than it is to actually do something about those talking points. It’ll be much harder to follow my lead here and actual create recreation opportunities for our children. However: I welcome any candidate to try – it can only be good for Hoboken.

Board of Ed Campaign Launch

I just came from Church Square Park. Where I went to say hello to Ailene McGuirk, Malani Cademartori and Tom Kluepfel, three longtime Hoboken residents and Board of Ed members who are running for re-election. Their only opponent is Patricia Waiters. The four competing for three seats on the BOE.

Reaching out, connecting and discussing ideas is something I’m going to start doing immediately, even before being elected and seated on the City Council. I admit – I’ve heard some ideas that make sense and some concerns that will work their way into my extensive list of important issues I’m going to make part of my platform. I would like to chat with Patricia Waiters too – and I’m hopeful that I’ll have a chance this coming Wednesday.

I did have some time to discuss how school facilities might be made available to city residents when school is not in session – and was surprised that there is no real reluctance on the part of the board of education. And in some ways there are opportunities already available – but as a long time resident, aside from the track & sports field being made available during the pandemic: I’ve never heard this to be the case. It leads me to believe this was just a case of poor communication or poor publication – something I intend to do better in my future tenure as a councilperson.


Nearly every day I’m interviewed by someone or working on something. However – I’d like to start reaching out and talking to voters in small groups. If you have a small group of Hoboken residents that would be interested in having a chat – please contact me at I’m mostly comfortable outside or at least in a large space with good airflow considering the pandemic. Just name the place and give me a few options for day/time and we can make it happen. I have more availability and I’m more awake early mornings.


And away we go! The court hearing meant that I was confirmed on the ballot 9 days later than I should have been – so I’m unfortunately a little over a week behind where I could have been. But a part of my strategy is creating short videos explaining positions I have and introducing myself. Ordinarily: I’d knock on doors to do this sort of thing – but I think with COVID-19- this will be better received.


Just a few minutes ago – a Hudson County judge ordered that all ten city council candidates including me, Cindy Wiegand and Manny Rivera shall be placed on the ballot. Mayor Bhalla, his city council slate and his team of lawyers fought very hard to keep us off the ballot – but the judge decided we had collected sufficient petitions to be placed on the ballot. Congratulations to Cindy and Manny and to Hoboken voters – we will have a full field of 10 at-large city council candidates!

Where are we?

After a trip to Canada and a short delay for Jewish Holidays – I’m back to work. I hope.

NJSA 19:13-10 – specifies that all my petitions should have been accepted (all 509) and that in order for any to be thrown out, objections to specific petitions would need to be received. The deadline for those objections was 9/3/2021 – and that date passed without any objections. Finally on 9/8/2021 (yesterday), Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s team submitted an objection to three candidate’s petitions: myself included.

I think the law is on my side – and I think I’ll find a way to get myself on the ballot – but for now, I expect the city clerk and corporation counsel to side with Mayor Bhalla.

In a way – it’s a bit flattering: Mayor Bhalla so badly doesn’t want me to run that he’s trying to make it so I can’t appear on the ballot. But it’s also frustrating. I’ve supported Mayor Bhalla in the past and heck, I still support him when he’s right – I just want the chance to prove that I’m at least the third best candidate in this election (top six make run off, top three in runoff would win seats).

Finally – I’m a business person AND I have the mindset that I’ll reach out to constituents whenever it’s necessary (which should be frequently) and not when there isn’t anything to report. I’ll do the same while campaigning.

Oh – and I’m not sure if the pop-up counts are wrong or if it’s just one or two people that keep hitting refresh or maybe it’s web spiders – but it appears this site is getting surprising traffic (pop up viewed over 100 times a day, and this site has barely been publicized).

509 Petitions Submitted.

Congratulations to all the candidates. All ten submitted more than the required 431 – and I’m hopeful that everyone who put in the effort is successful at getting on the ballot. At 509 petitions – getting on the ballot is not a lock, but I feel pretty good about my chances and pretty good about what I accomplished, only having five days to obtain my petitions.

This was an extremely difficult year to gather petitions. Nearly all were collected outdoors – and in very hot and humid weather. It took me a while (two days?) to figure out how to get petitions – city hall was closed. Only with a call to a sitting councilperson was I able to get into City Hall. This in itself makes me believe the normal 431 required petitions should be waived – two extra days averaging 100 petitions per day would have been plenty.

But I will hope for the best and wait a few days for the results.

As far as the other candidates – all had impressive petition totals – and the numbers all make sense. With the size and experience of the team along with paid staff and the only two incumbents running: I would expect the Mayor’s slate to have the easiest time obtaining petitions. And while I had the shortest time – and no paid staff: I have a long tenure as a business owner in Hoboken, I know a large number of people and I’m generally a hard worker so I expected to surpass 500. I’m crazy impressed with Cindy Wiegand, Patricia Waiters and Manny Rivera – who like me didn’t have a slate but unlike me didn’t have my resources. Congratulations all!

Five hundred petitions and a funeral

I had five days to get five hundred petitions. Unfortunately – my Aunt passed away and I had to attend her funeral today (Sunday) – so it put a kink in what was becoming a well-oiled machine. After an emotional five hours – I was back on the campaign trail and kept pushing forward.

We are just short of the five hundred petitions we need to cover the minimum required plus a buffer. Tomorrow – my goal is to get 30 more and have all of them submitted by about 3:30. If your spouse, neighbor, friend from the dog park or coffee buddy can sign a petition for me: it’d be greatly appreciated. Petitions can be brought to 1012 Grand Street as late as about 2 pm and I’ll be sure to add them to my collection.

I really appreciate everything everyone has done for me especially Cindy Wiegand who is also running (print and sign her PDF and bring it to 1012 Grand – it’s also on this website) and Councilperson Jen Giattino, who when I thought I might just come up a little short, stepped in from helping her own candidates and got a bunch of petitions for me.

Off & Running…

Collecting signatures from numerous random people during a pandemic is hard – but doing so in 93 degree heat is even harder. I need help! I’m sure I can get a couple hundred petitions signed myself – but I could use a dozen or so people to each get me a dozen or so. That would put me over the hump. If you are interested in joining my team – please contact me at with your availability and contact information. ANY availability is appreciated and I’ll train anyone interested.

Find Me

I’ll be all around town – come find me!

With a two year old AND a business, my schedule is full, unpredictable and hectic – so if I’m missing from where I’m supposed to be – you may need to check my social media – my political facebook page is @ianforhoboken.

Just about every day – I’ll be at breakfast shortly after 8 – with a rotation of Anthony Davids, Tosti and Gigi Rotisserie. On weekends – at 9 AM I’ll be at Play! Hoboken (1012 Grand Street). And weekdays – I’ll be around town until about 10:15. I’ll arrive at Play! Hoboken at around 11 AM.

First order of business is getting my nominating petitions together. I really need as much help as possible to get that done in time to be put on the ballot. Please find me to sign – or if you are able to help get friends/family/strangers to sign petitions for me: it’ll be a great help!