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I lost, but I’m still here.

I lost badly, finishing with only 1174 votes and now: we all might lose. The Hoboken Board of Education, with support of winning Team Bhalla is pushing through a massively expensive sports complex with an attached high school under the guise of improving our schools. Improving our schools is a noble goal that I support… Read More »


Things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. Things didn’t even turn out the way I expected. I was hopeful that I’d somehow make a runoff. It was a dream goal – and maybe not realistic without a team or the funds of the other campaigns. I do hope that some of my ideas… Read More »

Election day is almost here!

I’ve already voted. I voted for myself (Ian Rintel, 3H), Manny Rivera (1H) and Cindy Wiegand (13H) – because I believe we are the three best candidates for the constituents of Hoboken. However: I encourage every voter to research all candidates and to vote for the three best – that’s democracy! You might also consider… Read More »

Why do tenants pay realtor fees in Hoboken?

I’ve been asked many questions about “cost of living” in Hoboken along with housing costs and increasing rents. I’ve also been asked about Rent Control and I have some issues with it in its present form: mostly because it is too complicated and in its present form hurts both landlords and tenants. But one thing… Read More »


Dave Brenn Balloons is doing an amazing Halloween themed show at my place of business. You can buy tickets at Everyone is welcome and the event is COVID safe! Take a break from the campaign trail and see something really cool.

Election Day Morning Help

I’ve acquired 5000 stickers that say simply “I Voted”. I’m looking for help in distributing these stickers to all Hoboken polling locations on election day morning – first thing. I’ve reached out to some other campaigns to see if we can make it a collaborative effort (with 36 polling locations, I could use the help)… Read More »

Our mailer has arrived!

Keep an eye on your mailbox: Cindy Wiegand (13H) and I (3H) split the cost of a mailer. This mailer should have gone out to every important constituent in Hoboken. If you received our mailer: know that Cindy and I will be working hard for you and that any concern you have can be sent… Read More »

New Videos, Updates

I’ve added a couple videos. I’m amazed at how I’ve roughly treated videos equally – but some videos have had thousands of views and some hardly any views. It’s pretty amazing to see that one video will surpass 10,000 views in the near future (definitely before election day). Printed materials are completed and will start… Read More »

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean?  I know what the word ONLY means.  And I also think I know what “ALL OTHERS” mean – but how can it be both at the same time?  It can’t.   This is unfriendly for visitors to our town.  If you own a business – don’t expect anyone to drive into… Read More »

Children, especially older Hoboken children have limited options for recreation. This is a talking point from several candidates – but for me it’s not just an issue, it’s something I can help solve even before election day. I’ve reached out to a number of stakeholders in Hoboken and I believe we are close to working… Read More »