Who is Ian?

I moved to Hoboken on August 15th, 1998, I have lived here continuously since.
I went to NJIT and majored in Computer Science.
I worked in software development for about six years. All those six years I was the hardest worker on every project I ever had. I decided I should start my own business…

I started Hoboken Golf on December 5th, 2002. Located at 125 Grand Street. After a few tough years – I gained a small but very loyal following and managed to expand to five golf simulators in 5000 square feet of space.
On December 5th, 2016 – I was evicted from my space (my rent was current, but business was successful and I was trying my best to hold out until I could move directly into my next space). My building was demolished and replaced with an oversized residential condo building.

In May of 2019 – I finally was able to reopen (now branded as Play! Hoboken) in an old sewing factory with 15,503 square feet of floor space. I’d bring back my five golf simulators along with numerous other forms of recreation/entertainment that Hoboken was missing – such as billiards (17 pool tables), ping pong (owned separately but I rent the space to the owner). I even resurrected Aether Game Cafe (owned separately, but I rent the space to the owner).

I live in the 6th Ward – just off Elysian Park. I have a wife and a daughter who will be entering Kaplan preschool in September. I’m a runner and I was the most consistent runner in the Hoboken Harriers from 2000 until the start of the pandemic. I’ve completed 23 marathons. I am currently faster than Jim Doyle. Jim once saved me from a kayaking disaster BUT: I mostly introduced him to Dawn Zimmer, so I would say we are even.

Politically – I am an independent. I combine liberal social views with pragmatic and sometimes conservative financial views. While I choose not to say government is too big here – I will say that government is too wasteful. Businesses must be efficient or they won’t be profitable or (especially during this pandemic) they won’t survive. Governments need not be efficient because spending money effectively only benefits the taxpayer and residents – and most elected officials only wish to do things to get elected.

Nepotism is a pet peeve of mine. Positions are created for people to keep them happy (should this even be legal)? And when a need is identified or a hire is necessary: the position isn’t advertised, instead it’s given to whoever has been the most loyal to government. As a result, boards are mostly filled with unqualified ‘friends’ of our elected officials, favors are traded and other council-people support whoever will support their agenda instead of whoever is best for Hoboken.

I have never made it to the end of a city council meeting. All three that I’ve attended I’ve walked out of in disgust at the bickering and nonsense. I guess if elected I won’t be able to walk out.