My Platform

My full platform is still developing. Please keep checking the website as I will be continually updating it with the things I’ll be pushing for once elected.

Just one day into my campaign – I’ve already been asked: What if other candidates steal your ideas? It does seem unfair that someone else might get themselves elected using portions of my platform, BUT as a business owner I’m outcome focused:

The best possible outcome is that I win and I work hard for Hoboken to advocate and implement as many of my ideas (and more ideas are sure to come).

The worst possible outcome is that I lose and nothing I want to accomplish happens. This can occur even if other candidates like or endorse my ideas.

A middle outcome, which I actually like a whole lot is that I do not win, but I affect change in Hoboken. In fact – if all my ideas could somehow come to fruition and I don’t need to be on the city council, I’d have more time for my business and family. Assuming honest and hard working council-people do get elected: it’s a pretty awesome outcome for me and for Hoboken.