Park Renovations: Renovations on parks must be done in December, January and February whenever possible.

Motor Vehicles in Parks: Absolutely no motor vehicles are permitted into parks EXCEPT in case of emergency.

Sidewalk Sweeping: When hot outside, sidewalk sweepers always work the shaded side of the street.

Drinking Fountains: All drinking fountains shall be kept on year round (yes, we will need freeze proof drinking fountains!)

Passive Time/Active Time: Ball playing means that fewer people can enjoy our parks. As do things like birthday parties, musical performances (assuming you just want some outdoor space to relax) and the like – but I believe there is room for both. I propose that ball playing be permitted early mornings only – before our parks start to get crowded. Likewise – musical performances should be welcome, but only early evening hours and always before sunset. While I’m in favor of adding parks – better utilization of our existing parks is a more economical solution to our lack of open space.