Recycling Pickup: Comingled (glass/aluminum/plastic) and Cardboard shall both be picked up twice weekly for businesses. If there is a bad weather cardboard day that inhibits collection, all cardboard shall be placed outside on a substitute day which will be announced via the city nixle. I’m almost certain that wet cardboard pickup simply goes to the garbage dump with the rest of our trash which means we are paying extra in both cost and convenience for a cardboard pickup that doesn’t benefit the environment in any way.

Ban On Black Plastic: Unlike it’s white colored counterpart – black colored plastic can’t be recycled by Hoboken. White color plastic doesn’t cost restaurants any more than black – and in fact, if all restaurants only used white plastic containers in our area – it’s likely restaurant suppliers would stop carrying black plastic. Unlike the plastic bag ban and styrofoam ban (which I generally support, except in certain cases) – I can see no downside to banning black plastic containers EXCEPT for possibly aesthetics.

Garbage Cans: No intersection shall be without at least one garbage can on at least one of the four corners.