Dogs are an important part of Hoboken life – especially during a pandemic. For some people, their dog has been their only companion for the past 17 months! Further – dogs encourage outdoor time for their owners which is very important during a pandemic. A high percentage of Hoboken residents are dog owners – and Hoboken should do more to support responsible dog ownership.

Dog Parks: Shall be open long hours to accommodate resident’s long work schedules. Dog owners shall be responsible for their dog’s behavior while in dog park.

Dog Walkers: Anyone found to be walking many dogs that are out of control OR bringing numerous dogs into a city dog park without enough supervision shall receive a ticket. Repeat offenders will be charged with disorderly persons offense.

Dogs & Seniors: Unfortunately many of our seniors do not have the ability to care for a dog. As a part of senior services the city should allow willing volunteers to bring their dogs to spend time with interested seniors at city parks or outside senior buildings for the mobility impaired. Once the pandemic is over – indoor time in senior buildings should commence.