Campaign Videos

I’ve created a number of semi-serious videos and a few more serious videos.

I’m intentionally using humor and a bit of sarcasm to try to gain comments on social media – better to have a few arguments for campaign purposes than to be ignored.

Even my less serious videos try to make at least one valid point.

You can help the campaign by:
Subscribing to my Youtube Channel
Commenting on my Youtube Videos
Sharing my Youtube Videos
Finding my videos on the ianforhoboken facebook page.
Liking my facebook videos.
Sharing my facebook videos.

Finally – especially for those who aren’t as tech savvy: showing a neighbor one of my videos on your phone, will be helpful in spreading my message and my candidacy.

My Youtube Channel is: ianforhoboken
The URL for my Youtube Channel is:
Finally – my facebook page is: ianforhoboken

And here is one random video (refresh and the video will change)