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Children, especially older Hoboken children have limited options for recreation. This is a talking point from several candidates – but for me it’s not just an issue, it’s something I can help solve even before election day. I’ve reached out to a number of stakeholders in Hoboken and I believe we are close to working… Read More »

Board of Ed Campaign Launch

I just came from Church Square Park. Where I went to say hello to Ailene McGuirk, Malani Cademartori and Tom Kluepfel, three longtime Hoboken residents and Board of Ed members who are running for re-election. Their only opponent is Patricia Waiters. The four competing for three seats on the BOE. Reaching out, connecting and discussing… Read More »


Nearly every day I’m interviewed by someone or working on something. However – I’d like to start reaching out and talking to voters in small groups. If you have a small group of Hoboken residents that would be interested in having a chat – please contact me at I’m mostly comfortable outside or at… Read More »


And away we go! The court hearing meant that I was confirmed on the ballot 9 days later than I should have been – so I’m unfortunately a little over a week behind where I could have been. But a part of my strategy is creating short videos explaining positions I have and introducing myself.… Read More »


Just a few minutes ago – a Hudson County judge ordered that all ten city council candidates including me, Cindy Wiegand and Manny Rivera shall be placed on the ballot. Mayor Bhalla, his city council slate and his team of lawyers fought very hard to keep us off the ballot – but the judge decided… Read More »

Where are we?

After a trip to Canada and a short delay for Jewish Holidays – I’m back to work. I hope. NJSA 19:13-10 – specifies that all my petitions should have been accepted (all 509) and that in order for any to be thrown out, objections to specific petitions would need to be received. The deadline for… Read More »

509 Petitions Submitted.

Congratulations to all the candidates. All ten submitted more than the required 431 – and I’m hopeful that everyone who put in the effort is successful at getting on the ballot. At 509 petitions – getting on the ballot is not a lock, but I feel pretty good about my chances and pretty good about… Read More »

Five hundred petitions and a funeral

I had five days to get five hundred petitions. Unfortunately – my Aunt passed away and I had to attend her funeral today (Sunday) – so it put a kink in what was becoming a well-oiled machine. After an emotional five hours – I was back on the campaign trail and kept pushing forward. We… Read More »

Off & Running…

Collecting signatures from numerous random people during a pandemic is hard – but doing so in 93 degree heat is even harder. I need help! I’m sure I can get a couple hundred petitions signed myself – but I could use a dozen or so people to each get me a dozen or so. That… Read More »

Find Me

I’ll be all around town – come find me! With a two year old AND a business, my schedule is full, unpredictable and hectic – so if I’m missing from where I’m supposed to be – you may need to check my social media – my political facebook page is @ianforhoboken. Just about every day… Read More »