Our mailer has arrived!

By | October 16, 2021

Keep an eye on your mailbox: Cindy Wiegand (13H) and I (3H) split the cost of a mailer.

This mailer should have gone out to every important constituent in Hoboken.

If you received our mailer: know that Cindy and I will be working hard for you and that any concern you have can be sent to us and we’ll respond quickly (email is preferred, but I’m also quick to respond to social media inquiries). You can also text me at 201-725-7434. I don’t answer the phone (I’m never in a location where I can).

Our mailer is also designed as a Window Sign. The signs are best hung in a Window as close to street level as possible – but wherever you hang our sign: we appreciate it. I’d love it if you took a picture of your sign hanging in your window and posted it to your social media. You can also email it to me at ian@ianforhoboken.com.

I’d love to meet as many of you for coffee or if you’d like to play a quick game of pool you can meet me at Play! Hoboken – if you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask!

Thanks again for your support – I’ll continue to campaign hard and I will work hard for you once elected.

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