What does this sign mean?

By | October 10, 2021
Sign on 10th between Washington & Hudson Street

What does this sign mean?  I know what the word ONLY means.  And I also think I know what “ALL OTHERS” mean – but how can it be both at the same time?  It can’t.  

This is unfriendly for visitors to our town.  If you own a business – don’t expect anyone to drive into town to patronize your business.  We have empty storefronts for lots of reasons – and this is a big one.

I intend to change this.  All street parking will be metered and every block will have one parking meter mid-block.  Permit holders will not be required to pay for meters within residential districts.  Everyone will be required to pay for meters in commercial districts.  Meter rates will be an amount appropriate to ensure that our parking spots are available for residents.  We will limit the parking time so that spots turn over in commercial districts and so that out of towners need a permit to park “all day” or overnight in residential districts.  A percentage of all parking fees will be put into a fund to build new parking structures around the perimeter of town and to eventually extend our HOP shuttle buses and bike share services to those perimeter parking structures.

Finally – owners of private lots who have extra spaces will be encouraged to join the city’s meter program at $2.00 per hour (24 hours a day, 7 days per week) – with the parking spot owner keeping 75% of the fees collected.  $2.00 per hour at 12 hours per day and 30 days per month is $720 for the space – leaving $540 monthly for the space holder if a spot is occupied 12 hours daily.

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