By | October 5, 2021

Children, especially older Hoboken children have limited options for recreation. This is a talking point from several candidates – but for me it’s not just an issue, it’s something I can help solve even before election day.

I’ve reached out to a number of stakeholders in Hoboken and I believe we are close to working together on a program that will bring new recreation and entertainment options to vaccinated Hoboken children.

While I was the last candidate to pick up petitions – I was the first to have a website focused on ideas and real issues: a true platform. Now, almost every candidate has their own website and platform (refreshing compared to previous City Council Elections) – but it’s easier for to follow my lead on talking points than it is to actually do something about those talking points. It’ll be much harder to follow my lead here and actual create recreation opportunities for our children. However: I welcome any candidate to try – it can only be good for Hoboken.

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