Board of Ed Campaign Launch

By | October 1, 2021

I just came from Church Square Park. Where I went to say hello to Ailene McGuirk, Malani Cademartori and Tom Kluepfel, three longtime Hoboken residents and Board of Ed members who are running for re-election. Their only opponent is Patricia Waiters. The four competing for three seats on the BOE.

Reaching out, connecting and discussing ideas is something I’m going to start doing immediately, even before being elected and seated on the City Council. I admit – I’ve heard some ideas that make sense and some concerns that will work their way into my extensive list of important issues I’m going to make part of my platform. I would like to chat with Patricia Waiters too – and I’m hopeful that I’ll have a chance this coming Wednesday.

I did have some time to discuss how school facilities might be made available to city residents when school is not in session – and was surprised that there is no real reluctance on the part of the board of education. And in some ways there are opportunities already available – but as a long time resident, aside from the track & sports field being made available during the pandemic: I’ve never heard this to be the case. It leads me to believe this was just a case of poor communication or poor publication – something I intend to do better in my future tenure as a councilperson.

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