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By | September 9, 2021

After a trip to Canada and a short delay for Jewish Holidays – I’m back to work. I hope.

NJSA 19:13-10 – specifies that all my petitions should have been accepted (all 509) and that in order for any to be thrown out, objections to specific petitions would need to be received. The deadline for those objections was 9/3/2021 – and that date passed without any objections. Finally on 9/8/2021 (yesterday), Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s team submitted an objection to three candidate’s petitions: myself included.

I think the law is on my side – and I think I’ll find a way to get myself on the ballot – but for now, I expect the city clerk and corporation counsel to side with Mayor Bhalla.

In a way – it’s a bit flattering: Mayor Bhalla so badly doesn’t want me to run that he’s trying to make it so I can’t appear on the ballot. But it’s also frustrating. I’ve supported Mayor Bhalla in the past and heck, I still support him when he’s right – I just want the chance to prove that I’m at least the third best candidate in this election (top six make run off, top three in runoff would win seats).

Finally – I’m a business person AND I have the mindset that I’ll reach out to constituents whenever it’s necessary (which should be frequently) and not when there isn’t anything to report. I’ll do the same while campaigning.

Oh – and I’m not sure if the pop-up counts are wrong or if it’s just one or two people that keep hitting refresh or maybe it’s web spiders – but it appears this site is getting surprising traffic (pop up viewed over 100 times a day, and this site has barely been publicized).

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