509 Petitions Submitted.

By | August 31, 2021

Congratulations to all the candidates. All ten submitted more than the required 431 – and I’m hopeful that everyone who put in the effort is successful at getting on the ballot. At 509 petitions – getting on the ballot is not a lock, but I feel pretty good about my chances and pretty good about what I accomplished, only having five days to obtain my petitions.

This was an extremely difficult year to gather petitions. Nearly all were collected outdoors – and in very hot and humid weather. It took me a while (two days?) to figure out how to get petitions – city hall was closed. Only with a call to a sitting councilperson was I able to get into City Hall. This in itself makes me believe the normal 431 required petitions should be waived – two extra days averaging 100 petitions per day would have been plenty.

But I will hope for the best and wait a few days for the results.

As far as the other candidates – all had impressive petition totals – and the numbers all make sense. With the size and experience of the team along with paid staff and the only two incumbents running: I would expect the Mayor’s slate to have the easiest time obtaining petitions. And while I had the shortest time – and no paid staff: I have a long tenure as a business owner in Hoboken, I know a large number of people and I’m generally a hard worker so I expected to surpass 500. I’m crazy impressed with Cindy Wiegand, Patricia Waiters and Manny Rivera – who like me didn’t have a slate but unlike me didn’t have my resources. Congratulations all!

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