Five hundred petitions and a funeral

By | August 30, 2021

I had five days to get five hundred petitions. Unfortunately – my Aunt passed away and I had to attend her funeral today (Sunday) – so it put a kink in what was becoming a well-oiled machine. After an emotional five hours – I was back on the campaign trail and kept pushing forward.

We are just short of the five hundred petitions we need to cover the minimum required plus a buffer. Tomorrow – my goal is to get 30 more and have all of them submitted by about 3:30. If your spouse, neighbor, friend from the dog park or coffee buddy can sign a petition for me: it’d be greatly appreciated. Petitions can be brought to 1012 Grand Street as late as about 2 pm and I’ll be sure to add them to my collection.

I really appreciate everything everyone has done for me especially Cindy Wiegand who is also running (print and sign her PDF and bring it to 1012 Grand – it’s also on this website) and Councilperson Jen Giattino, who when I thought I might just come up a little short, stepped in from helping her own candidates and got a bunch of petitions for me.

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