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By | August 26, 2021

I’ll be all around town – come find me!

With a two year old AND a business, my schedule is full, unpredictable and hectic – so if I’m missing from where I’m supposed to be – you may need to check my social media – my political facebook page is @ianforhoboken.

Just about every day – I’ll be at breakfast shortly after 8 – with a rotation of Anthony Davids, Tosti and Gigi Rotisserie. On weekends – at 9 AM I’ll be at Play! Hoboken (1012 Grand Street). And weekdays – I’ll be around town until about 10:15. I’ll arrive at Play! Hoboken at around 11 AM.

First order of business is getting my nominating petitions together. I really need as much help as possible to get that done in time to be put on the ballot. Please find me to sign – or if you are able to help get friends/family/strangers to sign petitions for me: it’ll be a great help!

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