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By | August 25, 2021

Win or lose – this will be a positively run campaign. I intend to focus on issues that face Hoboken Residents, Businesses and City Workers such as:

Eliminating confusing parking rules and signage in favor of one consistent policy throughout Hoboken (meters everywhere that are free for residents in residential areas).

Banning motor vehicles in city parks except during emergencies.

Planning park renovations at times of the year when those parks are less likely to be used.

Allowing cars to go straight only during the short ‘grace period’ for cross walks.

Scheduling our ‘on foot’ sidewalk sweepers so that they are always working on the shaded side of the street.

Comprehensive wayfinding signage to city garages throughout Hoboken.

I’ve lived in Hoboken for 23 years. I’ve had a business in Hoboken for 19 years. I have an ‘almost 3 year old’ child who will be attending Kaplan preschool in September. I’m been active in Hoboken in numerous ways for almost the entire time I’ve lived here – often pulling away from politics at times when things have become too political.

I do not and have never believed in slates, voting ‘party line’ or negative campaigning. I’m hopeful this will be an issue focused campaign for all candidates.

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